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Healthcare Is Broken

More than 90% of health conditions are preventable. In the US, about 1 in every $5 is spent on healthcare, yet we are still one of the sickest countries in the developed world.

Empowered, Holistic, Non-Judgmental Care without the Hassle of Insurance

We are redefining healthcare- we return care to a healing relationship focused on prevention rather than a business transaction. Dr. Jessica works for YOU, not your insurance company

You Choose Your Plan. No Expensive Deductible, No Suprise Bills. 

We believe transparency is key to an honest relationship with your provider. You will never get a surprise bill in the mail for your membership

Direct Primary Care VS Insurance Model

Primary Care

  • Trusted provider to work with
  • Monthly membership charge covers any needed follow up visits
  • Adequate time with provider
  • Easy to access provider with questions(text,email, phone call)
  • Holistically Minded
  • Alternatives to medications
  • Seen in a fast and efficient manner


  • Limited on which provider to choose
  • Copays with each visit
  • Rushed visits with provider
  • Difficult to access provider with questions
  • Not holitically minded
  • Push towards medications
  • Long wait times to be seen

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Direct Primary Care Memberships

Membership is determined after intake exam with the Nurse Practitioner